Layout Guide

Content with Sidebar

The page loads by default with a sidebar layout. This is the layout you’ll use for most pages. But you may want to add a full-width call to action box below this section (see below). The main content area loads the “Classic Editor” by default since this may be what you are used to, but you can delete it or convert to blocks if you prefer. The headlines below are an example of text typed directly into the page, as opposed to in the Classic Editor. Either way is fine.

This an H3 headline

This is paragraph text.

This is an H4 headline

This is paragraph text.

This is an H5 headline

This is the “image callout” block. To use it, just click the + sign to add a new block, then search for “callout”. Or type “SV” to see all the custom blocks for Sunny Vista.


This the button block. Just click the + sign and search for button. The default is a solid filled background. Select the “outline” option in the sidebar settings to display it with the arrow.


This is the “Image Slider” block. Click each photo if you want to add a caption to it.

Below is the “Call to Action Form” block. To add it to a page, just click the + sign, search for “SV” and you’ll see all the blocks made for Sunny Vista. You can also delete this intro copy. You can change the form by clicking on the form and then selecting a new form in the sidebar settings.

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Group Block

This is the “Group” block, which can use to create separate sections that contain other blocks inside it. You can change the background color of the group container. You can also make it a wider or narrower width. You can also use this for when you want full width pages with no sidebars. Just delete the “Main Content with Sidebar” block at the top of the page, and add a Group block instead.


This is the “Media + Text” block. Great for a section with a big image with content.

You can add any blocks inside here, like buttons. This loads with a “wide” width by default. You will probably want to change it to normal width if you’re displaying it inside a group. You can also add a background color to it if you want. Drag the image to make it bigger or smaller.

This is the “columns” block.

You can adjust the number of columns and the width of the columns.

Could be useful for:

  • breaking up long text
  • breaking up long lists
  • adding more interest to the layout

You can add any blocks inside the column, like this quote block. Just click the + sign and search for “quote” and voila.

Sunny Vista

This is a “pullquote”. You can change the color in the sidebar settings for this block.

Sunny Vista

This is another Group block.

This group has a different background color. Below is the “Feature Boxes” block, which is used at the top of the homepage.