Assisted Living with Highly Trained Staff and The 5 Pillars of Wellness

Colorado Springs Assisted Living

Here at The Retreat at Sunny Vista, in Colorado Springs, CO, every member of The Retreat’s well-trained 24/7 nursing staff is endowed with three special qualities: extensive experience, gentle bedside manner, and a fierce determination to see residents succeed. Life here is interesting and enlivening, challenging, and enriching.

Why You Can Trust the Highly Trained Staff at The Retreat

Wellness is not just a set of programs or a plan of activities, but rather, it is a continuous lifestyle experience. The staff at The Retreat at Sunny Vista integrate wellness into every aspect of a resident’s day. By taking a holistic approach to wellness, each member of the community can trust that they are being seen and supported as a full, individual person. From the beginning, our active community has placed wellness of body, mind, and spirit at the heart of all we do. Beyond the health benefits of the magnificent natural surroundings, you can increase your wellness each day with joy, purpose, and engagement.

Our staff bases their approach on assisted living in Colorado Springs on the Five Pillars of Wellness

Five Pillar of Wellness

Those wellness pillars are: Social, Intellectual, Physical, Purpose, and Spiritual. Our staff uses these pillars as a framework and shares them with every member of our community so that residents, family members, and friends will be able to develop their own path of wellness based on their individual needs and passions. Because no two people are alike, each individual’s path to wellness is completely unique. We embrace these pillars, knowing that attending to all of them is crucial to a life well-lived. This is the very core of who we are.

Social – We seek to foster community and engagement each and every day. Connecting with those around us is one of the key components to healthy living. Whether it’s with family, friends, old pals or new neighbors, building community and spending time with others is a core tenet of healthy living. When we live each day with a sense of community, we can truly be our best selves.

Intellectual – An often-overlooked part of wellness, our approach to intellectual health is built on exploration, curiosity, and viewing learning as a lifelong quest. A healthy mind is a mind that is being challenged, and we believe in finding new and exciting areas of interest and expanding and exploring lifelong passions. The Retreat at Sunny Vista knows that pursuing intellectual enrichment is an exciting endeavor at any age.

Physical – With fitness amenities and delectable dining options, The Retreat at Sunny Vista has everything you need to continue your wellness regimen. Exercise and healthy eating come in many different forms, and each member of the community is encouraged to embrace what physical wellness means to them. Whether that be fitness classes, sports, nature walks, and so much more, there is a path to physical wellness for every person.

Purpose – Our staff knows to find the joyful moments in each day, and they help support our residents step into their purpose and thrive. As a component of wellness, our purpose can be found in dedicated interests, special projects, and hobbies that highlight our sense of self. When we embrace and focus on our purpose, we can find new meaning in each day and each activity.

Spiritual – While spiritual life for some may include attending worship services, for others it might include a mindfulness or meditation practice. Spiritual wellness looks different to each person, and our highly trained staff is here to support you with finding the environment that best suits your individual path, even as that path may grow and change.

We believe that no matter what your age is, everyone wants to have a quality of life that includes daily doses of engagement, movement, lifelong learning, a sense of purpose, and meaningful growth in life’s Journey.  Life at Sunny Vista is all about new opportunities to expand your horizons, your enjoyment of life, and your community of friends. Your health and wellbeing, centered on mind, body, and soul, is at the center of all that we do. The staff at The Retreat at Sunny Vista is here to support you in every aspect of your wellness experience.

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