Meet the

Pamela Cooper

Retreat - Life Enrichment Director

Michelle Combs

Retreat - Executive Director

Thasha McVey

Retreat - Director of Sales and Marketing

Aaron Burke

Culinary Director

Cathy Post

Villa - Executive Director

Laura Robinson

Living Center - Occupational Therapy Assistant

Maddie Guyer

Living Center - Speech Language Pathologist

Hope Stickley

Living Center - Physical Therapy Assistant

Colleen Lopp

Living Center - Physical Therapist

Kathleen Johnson

Living Center - Director of Nursing

Christina Sommer

Living Center - Admissions Director

Emily Davies

Living Center - Social Services

Pearl Strouse

Living Center - Social Services Director

Melanie Sherman

Living Center - Therapy Director

Valerie Martinez

Living Center - Life Enrichment Director

Steve Downs

Living Center - Administrator

Dan Williams

Living Center - Environmental Services Director